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Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!

The most common question I get, asked every day, is, “How does this work?” or “How do I start?”

The answer is very simple.

1) Create An Ad. It can be a banner ad or a text ad.
2) Share your Referral Link, which is the link to your personal Viral Ad page.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

You can also click the Viral Grid to visit sites where you can win free cash every day.

Maybe there are some misconceptions. First and foremost, vTrafficRush.com is a viral advertising site. Have a site you wish to advertise? Then V Traffic Rush is a very useful tool for you to advertise with.

What V Traffic Rush is not:

1) A matrix
2) A High Yield Investment Program, HYIP
3) A money doubler, or tripler ponzi scheme.

If you joined V Traffic Rush and expect to earn money for nothing, you came to the wrong place.

What V Traffic Rush is:

V Traffic Rush is, plain and simple, a true affiliate program, a true business opportunity created and designed to last for many years to come. V Traffic Rush is a viral advertising tool and if used to advertise your other sites, vTrafficRush.com can earn you commissions, essentially, paying you to advertise through vTrafficRush.com.

When you share your Viral Ad page, you are showing your ad in the number 1 spot. When others join V Traffic Rush through your Viral Ad page, your ad moves down to the number 2 spot on their Viral Ad pages. Now you are multiplying your advertising! The more new members who join under you, the more pages your ad is seen on. Go pro, and as the people who joined under you also get their own referrals, your ad moves to the number 3 spot on their pages. As a pro member, your ad can be seen all the way down all spots as more and more people join under you, and under the people that joined under them. See the following link Click Here.

“How do I earn money at vTrafficRush?”

You earn commissions whenever any member you personally referred goes pro, buys a Viral Grid Sponsor ad, or buys a Viral Pool package. There will be other income streams added in the future as well. Free members earn 25% and pro members earn 50% commissions.

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