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Hello Friends,

Starting now I will be Featuring 5 Friends from IBO on Press Releases.

The first 5 that I have picked but from now on the 5 that will be Featured will be by doing the following:

Comment on all 5 of the below Press Releases and mention that You saw their Press Release Featured here on mine.

Comment on this Press Release letting me know to check my messages.
Send me a private message here on IBO with the Press Release that You would like for me to Feature.

Not only will I Feature your Press Release here but on my website but I will also share it in a Press Release on IBO as well as on my many Social Media Networks with thousands of viewers.

Sheila Mitchell
Michael Alvanos
Sandy Case
Peter Paterson
PJ Lucas

Click on the names above and You will be guided directly to their Press Release – You are required to comment on all 5 and also mention that You saw their Press release via this Press Release then Private Message me here and I will Feature You in an upcoming Press Release.

My website & Social Media is quite busy so You can expect your Press Release, Business Opportunity, Website Traffic & Referrals to increase steadily.

I am also open to Featuring Your Press Release on more than 1 occasion so it will be on a first come first served basis.

I have over 10,650 connections on LinkedIn

Over 75,000 views on AboutMe

At or close to the 5,000 Limit on Facebook

And many connections on many other Social Media sites that You will be getting exposure from along with my website as well.

If You are not yet a Member of IBo then Click here now = Free!

Thank You Friends for Sharing & Caring,


My IBO Social Profile Page at IBO ToolBox
My IBO Social Profile Page at IBO ToolBox
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